Pastor's Note's - 2018 review of the year

Welcome to the month of December, we all look forward to celebrating a wonderful Christmas New and a Happy Year! The church leadership and the pastor are grateful for your memberihip in the Mentor church family. Your presence, participation and service is the reasotr God's kingdom is so alive in this community.
In the year 2018, we have been able to participate in several ministry opportunities. In the month of January,
ure held our fust prayer service here at the church. our lay speakers were in the forefront at organizing this event. I$eautiful music was played by our pianist. Church members ate lunch together after the servic-e and then gathered lbr wrintemrpted momeat of a"orship. Ive sang beautiful hymns and choiuses, got a word of encouragement and jusl
spent a beautiful moment in God's presence. We also celebrated a covenant..*ie" which was a joint event befween
N{entor and our sister church at Gypsum
Our youth grcup r't-as also bom around the same time. The leaders of this $oup have done a great job with the youth impacting them spirituaill" emotionally, physically and socially_. rhe mgnih. oir'"b*rry,and March were tough for -lIs as'our pastortratdlied back anilforth iosee hEr ailingAadin Kenya. our church rt.pp.J l" i" i.ip her with the travel expenses needed at the time' It was such a blessing to the whoie family as they dealt with their dad,s demise. Pastor Susan expressed a lct ofgratitude to the congregation for being so gracious.
Ire usheredin-the second quartq of the year by celebrating ujoirricood Friday service with Roxbury, First Baptist Gypsum and Gypsum IIMC churches" Pastor Nancy Modin, Pastor of Roxbury then, pastor Randy Moravec of Baptist Church-Gypsum antl Pastor susan Murithi organized the joint Good Friday service. In the same weekend,
r've held an Easter egg hunt for the kids and it was a big luccess. on-Easter Sunday, we started with the Easter suirrise service ancl breakfast, and later the sunday r"rii"" was celebrated with a record 92 worshippers that day. L{any visitors who had come to be with family joined us for a passionate worship event. The month,f May brought ra'ith it students' graduations including Courtney Balaun and Alexis Hotz.we also collected Tuna cans for project Salinaand hit our;goal of 200 cans. Additionaliy, we conducted a Bible-study series called the .Anatomy of a Disciple" The mernbers who attended were greatly enriched by the discussions and insights generated in the study rortlms.
In June, our church hosted a Community Brunch, which was a meal between breakfast and lunch. Many prople from the wider community showed up and we had a fantastic time of celebration and fellowship. We had
rna"ny volunteers helping with food prep, serving the people and keeping the guests company. Everyone in the chuch helped as they were able. In the same month, o* young p"oit" atterro-ea a confirmation camp at Fontanelle,
htretrraska' The carnp was very enlightening for them and they got to learn many things about their faith and beliefs
as Jesus'followers. --J -"--'a'
The third quarter in July was equally actit e, Mentor church got involved in international missions as they
strpported the flood victims in the Tana Delta area in Kenya. We boight food items and seeds for the affected
fannilies' In the same month, we held our VBS, which was a fantastic-event. The Christian Ed team did a beyond
e'r'pectation job in planning and executing a very well-choreographed rninistry time. More than 30 kid.s showed up. Th'ey sang, clapped, played, made crafts and meditated, on the word of Gocl for a full week. This was a wonderful
Gelebration of 2O18
In Alrgust, we had a prayer series calied: "And this how you pray", words taken from Jesus when his
disciples asked him how they should pray. A visiting preacher from Wichita (Pastor Immanuel) gave a lesson
and our pastor completed the other sessions in the following liundays. We then concluded the series with a
prayer service in September. We also began our afterschool program (ASP) around this time. Mike Garretson
us to lias wittr the school to see how we can serve the school community. After some consultations, this
came out as an area of need. In ASF, we engage the kids in games, crafts, cooking moments ald end with a
,spirit sendoff (a devotional session) ASP focuses on junior high kids teaching them social skills and God's
In October, we had a wonderful community pig-roast, Rex Russell donated the meat and the whole
church brought a side dish, the event was a wonderful opporhrnity of fellowship ra'ith our community and the
collected frei will donations helped with the repair for our audio-visual equipment. The children ministry also
conducted an event called trick or treat for LINICEF, an event which was a great success in rai.sing money to
help needy situations.
JC's Coffeehouse was heid in November. This event helped generate missions' money, The
congregation also participated in the shoebox project for Christmas gifts to kids ail over the world' ln
December, Mentor and Gypsum will join for a Christmas Cantata, a time of beautiful Christmas music and
prose. We will also go Ciu.istmas caroling on the 9th of December to share the Chriistmas joy with our neighbors.
Sadly, we have lost tws beloved members of our churoh this year, Kirk Rreen and Bob Tinkler. But on
the positive side, the church rallied around these families to offer support and encouragement. Mentor ladies
provicled the needed hospitality especially the food that was needed. We have received reports of how grateful
ifre fu*iti.s wers for being so well-supported.The ladies also supported the Rescue Mission and are actively
involved in the Salina Food Bank. The missions comnittee and the Spark committee did a joinl effort to heip a
little darling boy Joaquin to offset his huge medical bill, The Sparc committee disbanded after this grand work
having served this church for around_l:[ years. We thank God for you and celebrate your work, Sparc.The
missions team also sent help to Ashby house, Rescue Mission and passed out water bottles at the county fair.
This is a brief recap of the ministry that we have been able to do this year. We celebrate all your passion
in serving God in these ways. It reminds me of lCor 15:58 which says:stTherefore, my dear brothers and
sisters, stand firm. Let nothing mov€ you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because
you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. For those who did not get to participate at all, please find
your area of ministry and determine to serve your Lord in some way next year.
Finally, we at Mentor UMC ceiebrate the Christmas season as a time of giving where God gave us the
greatest gift. While you are making your holiday preparations, include in your joyful gifting an effort to honor
the pledge you made to the Lord early this year or make a special Christmas donation to our church so we can
continue the good work of God's Kingdom.
Meq, Christmas and Happy New Year.
Pastor Susan